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Multiplayer Ludo Classic Game v1.0 APK for Android download

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Ludo is based on a very popular board game in Asia,world known as aeroplane chess(飛行棋,飞行棋) or Chinese ludo, ludo parchis

Ludo is based on a very popular board game in Asia,world known as aeroplane chess(飛行棋,飞行棋) or Chinese ludo, ludo parchis classic,aka parchis,battle ludo online,chackers game,draughts,carrom board,the objective of the game is to be the first to move your token pieces to the goal.trips dice or dice roller ludo board game.
Ludo is also known as: Parcheesi, Parqués, Cờ Cá Ngựa, पचीसी, Člověče, nezlob se, Не се сърди човече, Chinesenspiel, Fang den Hut, Mir kann keiner, Der Weg zur Herberge (Eile mit Weile, Immer vorwärts, Mit Bedacht zum Ziel), Mens erger je niet! Trouble, Non t’arrabbiare, Petits, Chevaux, Jeu de Dada, Kimble, Patolli, Edris To Jin, Yut Nori (Yutnori, nyout, yut, 윷놀이), Pancha Keliya, Pat (Chaupar), Coppit, Patchesi, Puchese, Pig-a-Back, Uckers, Aggravation, Chess India, Double Trouble, Frustration, Headache, Pollyanna, Wahoo
You have 3 different boards to choose from, classic wood board, paper layout and plain white. The wood board is a timeless design and it gives you a better visual experience for the game, as it is being etched by a clean and bright sketch marks that gives us nostalgic feelings. The sketch marks and crystal clear coins will make us feel the same old classic ludo or parchis board.
The board supports up to 4 players (2, 3 & 4 players in combination with Android), each player will take one color, his / her coins and dice will be of same color, so you will not have issues in recognizing who’s turn, who’s coin / pawn moving etc. You can enter your preferred names for each player and choose the colors.
You can also assign all players as Android and quietly watch each Android player competing with each other, it is lot of fun in fact. 🙂
We have brought in a ground-up engine for dice throwing mechanics which will simulate the real-time dice throwing / flinging or tossing effect. You also have option to disable it and just touch the dice to spin it. The physics behind dice throwing was very challenging to implement and we are the first one to implement that.
The AI behind the game is completely built by keeping-in mind that the outcome of dice is always random and unpredictable whether it is thrown by player or Android. Android has intelligence to devise strategy to cut opponent coins and choose it’s own coins to move. Other than this, it doesn’t have any control over the outcome / result of the dice. It is always RANDOM.
You can play against android. When you get bored and you want to play ludo, you can always choose your opponent as Android and play.
* Beautiful intuitive interface, smooth pinch zoom in / zoom out.
* Coin / Pawn Move Speed.
* 100% random dice rolling = 100% fair play! (Good way to test your luck :))
* Real time dice feature – now, you can have a real dice on your hand, and toss it. The outcome can be fed back to the game.
* Smart AI.
* Unlock new tokens and achievements as you play.
* Instant save and restore, you can always quit and resume playing any time.
* Supports both mobile phones and tablets.
* Last Played Game Option – You can anytime quit the game, and play from where you left last time
* Supports Android 2.2+.
* Multiplayer mode allows you to play with your friends and family members, great for party or family meeting.
* Magic No can be set to suit your rule
* Simple messaging system – that will help you to easily follow the game
* Each player has different color of dice, so one can easily understand who’s turn is current
*Ask before cutting the opponent’s coin
* Choose the coin you want to move if you have multiple coins to move
*Sound On / Mute

Download APK(13.9MB)

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