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街机麻将合集之龙虎争霸 apk

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“* * 80 1 2 3 4 DIP 5 6 * Most popular arcade mahjong phone* 80 will play the origi

“* 手机上目前最受欢迎的街机麻将
* 80后必玩的原汁原味经典系列

1 采用最新模拟器内核,支持龙虎争霸等新机台。
2 全新的游戏截屏分享功能,能方便的向好友分享你的游戏成就。
3 增加了适合麻将游戏使用的全屏触摸模拟键盘。
4 汉化和简化了原本复杂的机器DIP设定,咱也可以当回老板了。
5 整合了大量详尽街机麻将资料和攻略,早有这个多好啊。
6 计分,统计,升级和游戏币系统带来完美的掌上街机厅体验。

* Most popular arcade mahjong phone
* 80 will play the original classic series

    Arcade Mahjong Collection completion chapter of Dragon and Tiger the hegemony Series now new.
  This application integrates Longhu hegemony, Down, Super Grand Slam, slam tycoon, lucky slam five classic arcade mahjong game, but to everyone in the palm perfect experience these classic Mahjong game, had only support rocker simulator made dozens of improvements.
  Application features:
     1 using the latest simulator kernel support Longhu hegemony and the new machine.
     2 new game screenshot sharing function, can share your game achievements to friends.
     3 for mahjong games using analog full-screen touch keyboard.
     4 finished and simplify otherwise complex machine DIP set, we also can when back to the boss.
     5 integrated detailed arcade mahjong data and the Raiders already this is more than good.
     6 Scoring, Statistics, upgrades and game currency system to bring the perfect handheld arcade experience.

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