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“Slot machine pediaMacau Tiger City Classic arcade slot machine! Popular fruit machine at the same time hundreds of peop

“Slot machine pedia
Macau Tiger City Classic arcade slot machine! Popular fruit machine at the same time hundreds of people online, real-time betting, instant lottery!
Forest dance, arcade Outlaws of the Marsh, animals gold shark silver shark, the most classic slot machine play, 3D engine, high-definition HD remake fruit machine game screen, the same play, more enjoyment. Lightning double dragon overall; birds and beasts have to bet big three Luckiest prize money, gold shark silver shark do 超级大赢家. Fun, fun, exciting, addictive!

Tiger City original arcade game perfectly transplanted to end action, so you can relive the most pure tiger hall!

[Game Features]
● forest party, Outlaws of the Marsh, animals, forest dance at the same time on-line, so stay tuned universal shark, Mercedes BMW to join!
● Macao prosperity original classic arcade game, the majority of players love the game!
●] [one thousand cannon fishing
Adapted from Tiger Town fishing game, Pocket join fishing up Crusade, 1000 gun upgrade, traveled the world’s major fishing grounds; challenge the strongest boss species, hunting gold reached instantly burst screen, enjoy the riches of stimulation.
● [Outlaws]
Arcade classic SLOTS, containing 9 bet lines at the same time play, so that you easily reach the highest winning rate.
Million prize money accumulated full-service super prize pool, everyone has the opportunity of winning, let your riches into big tycoons.
Multiplayer online, real-time chat, instant lottery bets, distribute red packets!
● [beasts]
Instant wager more than the same stage game. And full-service players to gaming, the use of flexible betting skills to win “超级大赢家” title win super bonus, gold shark silver shark dominate the list, the envy of other players enjoy the attention, becoming the presence of the same God of Gamblers in Macau it! .
Prosperity slot machine game the most classic of award, which allows players to earn pours!
● [forest] Ball
From Japan Reel Slots, Fruit slot machine game is a class, generally eight forest party connections, each 12 bet, but with a village leisure and play. In the betting time, players can bet lions, pandas, monkeys, rabbits in one, but also need to choose three colors: red, yellow, green one, each animal has a different rate, the highest rate lions, rabbits lowest magnification . Join Big Three Luckiest Man innovation prize money, lightning double play, high prize announcement to let you win a war fame.
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